We're all in the same boat so let's pull together!

Why Join The Club?


Crowdfunding is a New Paradigm concept that has come to the forefront in the past few years. We don’t have to be obsequious beggars to the Venture Capitalistis from the old school of “Win Lose”.

The first thing you can do to be a powerful force of change in this world is simply to click on one of the Join The Club buttons on the top right of every page and donate any amout to become a member of an intentional revolutionary force of emancipation.

Let’s free ourselves from the (FINANCIAL) EGO of the planet and decide to WIN WIN by PULLING TOGETHER!


Everything is ENERGY. Intention is POWER. Be a DECIDER to make this world a better place for you, for your children, for everyone, for Gaia herself!

Decide to THRIVE. Take action by pushing the button to join and you will set off ripples of energy that will go out for eternity gaining momentum and attracting more and more and more. Donate a million dollars or donate one. The power of the intention will be the same.

You will be changed. The world will be changed. Are you ready for a change?


Be someone who plants a tiny seed for The Cosmos to grow. If 100,000 people contribute $5, it would go a long way to get other fund-raising and income sources up and running to financially support a lot of people who will be inspired to work to make this vision a reality. If 500,000 people contribute $5 or more, we could get The Cosmos prototyped and really begin to make our wonderful plant a Garden again!


• Do you want to help promote The Global Rowing Club and the Sculling For World Healing strategy?

• Do you want to be a partner in a business that will be a Cosmos Revenue Source?

• Do you want to be an assistant or an intern?

• Do you want to offer your abilities and services?

This is such a comprehensive plan that there are a myriad of ways to contribute. Take a look at the whole website and you will know where you can become a vital part of making this happen.

• You can send this website to everyone you know and personally ask them to really look at it and join the club.

• If you know someone, or know someone who knows someone who is in a position of influence to endorse this project, you could encourage them to take a close look at it and give it “a leg up.”

• If you are a fundraiser or a grant writer you could contribute some time to raising or accessing available funds.

• If you are in the media or know of some one who is, you could get some media attention on this.

• If you are part of an organization, you could have me come and speak.

• Your company could sponsor Jenifer Humming or The Global Rowing Club, especially if we mention using your products or services.

• Your organization can endorse The Cosmos Global Renewable Energy Solution.

We will consider investment from and partnership with any well-off humanitarians or large forward-thinking companies who are in sync with this vision.

If you are influential in a Country that has committed to be a world leader in global renewable energy,  invite us to present The Cosmos Global Solution for your consideration.

In joining the club you can share the wealth of the joy that will come from implementing this beautiful vision and help bring hope and prosperity to hundreds of thousands of people, if not more.


As I have made the decision to make The Global Rowing Club and the ultimate development of The Cosmos Global Renewable Energy Solution my full-time focus, the money received from “club dues” will help support the organization and to “prime the pump” of the numerous ways to generate (and as partners to share in) vast income through monetizing my inventions and talents to build multiple strong revenue streams to fund The Cosmos. The Global Rowing Club donations and dues will be used to help us to facilitate other innovators and progressive companies who are short on personal resources to be able to realize their potential in being a part of building The Cosmos Global Solution.

In Conclusion:

I am willing to go anywhere in the world to make this happen. I am ready to go where ever I am welcomed, to do whatever it takes, whatever that means.

Join in all the fun and adventure by joining The Global Rowing Club and let’s ALL pull together to plant really big flowers all over the world!!

Thank you!


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