We're all in the same boat so let's pull together!

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Another New Website/Blog That Doesn’t Matter

It’s about to get easier for people to understand the VAST vision of The Global Rowing Club through having access to what I will call “satellite” websites … with one or two more yet to come.

Each new site focuses on a separate aspect that until now has been all-encompassed in this website. I have called it “a variety” website that is simply ME and have stressed that it all makes sense and will not seem so “unfocused” if you take the time to understand it.

Really, do people expect a website that lays out a comprehensive strategy to raise the money for and to accomplish such a huge goal to be a short easy read? OK, I do realize that to most people, it doesn’t matter. We all click on websites to look for the reason why NOT to read it. I certainly have given people plenty of reason to run away! Oh, and have I mentioned I’m a stubborn little cuss?

Therefore, as the most common feedback I have gotten about this website is that it is too much information, I am finally chopping myself up into pieces to make things clearer and to compartmentalize for the specific interests of people; i.e., most renewable energy crusaders probably have no interest in rowing.

As much as rowing is a part of my life and my plan, it is also a metaphor, which is why I named the organization The Global Rowing Club.

“We’re all in the same boat, so let’s pull together.”

Each site will eventually be expanded by me and guest authors/experts to go into more detail, have more interactive features, offer more value for donating, give more concrete (less visionary, more “rubber hits the road”) information about actual developments.

The newest website is devoted exclusively to The Cosmos Global Renewable Energy Solution: www.cosmosglobalsolution.com.

Like this site, like the Quantum TRUMPS site and the next one I build for Health Retreat information, the new site is a crowdfunding site. Someone recently drew to my attention that I have been doing “crowdfunding” for many years (since late 2010) with this website. So now I’m using the word a lot … might as well come up on Google searches, right? Crowdfunding has recently come into vogue as the NEW PARADIGM way of financing meaningful projects without involving Venture Capitalists whose agendas in most cases do not match the purpose and vision of the creators of the projects. This is something I have spent already over a half a million dollars of my own money to avoid … and am reaching out for support from anyone who believes in this vision that has been given to me to lay a foundation and generate the funding for a lot of people, companies and organizations to join together to make all the difference in the world.

It seems I got started a little ahead of time (when I still believed in time). The world … or I wasn’t ready when I began the plan to amass private funding for The Cosmos with my first invention: “the medical device”. I hope we’re all ready now. Time (I’ll just pretend for a little while longer) will tell … but in the end, it doesn’t matter.

I love my new website/blog. Both of them, really. I hope they help things make more sense to the people who read them — the sort of people who will somehow find them because there is something in them and hopefully in this site too that DOES inspire them and give them hope for a better world. I hope they realize it would be a powerful action of intention to help, whether just to send $5 through PayPal by clicking the Join The Club button, or by being ridiculous enough to become a part of the GLOBAL POWER TEAM.

I hope, I hope, I hope a lot of things. But in the end … all of our hopes are just for things, people or events to lead us to being at peace. I am already at peace, so … it doesn’t matter.

A New Website For New Paradigm Thinkers!

To alleviate the overwhelm of the vastness of The Global Rowing Club website and the wide spectrum of information presented here, we are finally caving-in to the repeated suggestion that the information be sectored into several websites to target specific interests.

So, if you’ve clicked on a link from Google search results only to find some posts and pages missing, it’s because they’ve been moved to another website for Jenifer’s personal writings and videos having to do with New Paradigm thinking. It is a site that will be expanded to include many more features. It is a crowdfunding site like this one that is still a part of The Global Rowing Cub.

Please visit the new website/blog, leave comments, send the link to everyone you know who would be interested and please support this important mission.

QuantumTRUMPS (www.quantumtrumps.com)

Thank you!

100 Monkeys & Global Village Construction Set

My friend Eric Ray just told me to google Global Village Construction Set to have a look at to see what I thought.

Marcin Jakubowski

I was overwhelmed with JOY to see what this brilliant man Marcin Jakubowski has come up with to give EVERYONE in the world, rich or poor, the tools to get off the costly-planned-obsolesence-techincal-go-round to be able to live a sustained lifestyle. It is NECESSARY, it is HAPPENING and it is something I want to incorporate into the nuts-and-bolts (literally) of what already exists in The Cosmos Global Solution. See the right leg of The Flow Chart and center section as well. In fact, why not take the time to understand the WHOLE plan and support it? It’s all mapped out on this website. It will all make sense if you stick with it.

Marcin Jakubowski and his company Open Source Ecology is exactly the kind of innovative thinking and proaction The Cosmos Global Solution is taking form to powerfully facilitate.

I told Eric it gave me chills and that I could even promote it in the A L B A countries if the Richest Country In America’s Back Yard and I come to terms on manufacturing my medical device there. They want me do a promotional tour (already in the plan) in all of those Third World Countries and have expressed interest in the rest of the inventions and strategies in the plan as well. There’s still time for Peter Thiel and Richard Branson to jump on board. There’s room for all of us! TED, why not take a look at what we’re doing too?

If a hundred of you monkeys out there would step up for The Cosmos Global Solution like so many people did for Marcin, we all could take part in freeing the world from the bondage of “The Grid” that is soooo precarious. We need to work together now, before the imperative is too urgent or the Collapse makes it impossible. Why not do it while it is easy?

Watch the video below. It is well worth a few minutes of your time.