We're all in the same boat so let's pull together!

Selling for a Blue Angel

Many of you who are visiting my site are coming here from curiosity … following the trail of gingerbread crumbs I have left on my many posts on craigslist. I hoped to lure you here to see why I am selling so much of what I have. First of all … after living 20 years in the same house, I have accumulated a lot. And due to our troubled economic times, I have been opening my eyes to all of the really good things I own that I have not had occasion to use for many years. I haven’t skied in years. I haven’t golfed in years … and so on.

So I have begun to lighten my life by selling the things I know I will not miss. I am doing this primarily because I have recently closed my medical device business to work full-time on the purpose of my heart, and that is The Cosmos Renewable Energy Global Solution.

I have been working on this project with all my heart  for over four years. I have already spent over $500,000 on my plan, which may have worked if the rules of the financial game hadn’t changed so drastically. I now find myself making a new plan … or relinquishing my resistance to the part of the plan I’ve postponed for too long already. I need to live somewhere else.

So now I look for clues every day to discover where I must be in the world to find the people whose purpose it is also to create this beautiful vision I have devoted my life and fortune to building.

It is for me as it is for you … one day at a time. I hope tomorrow I will know more about what lies ahead. All I know for now is I am on this path for a reason and I will do what it takes.

Faith is what it takes … and a little help from craigslist.


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