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Damn The Cold!

Well, now I’m totally in the mood to drop everything and get started on my boat prototype. When I get into “inventor mode” I can barely restrain myself. I usually don’t.

Damn the cold! I am fighting my hibernation instinct like I do every year … having to make myself get out and do my sports here in the cold even though I’d rather be living somewhere tropical where it’s not a struggle for me. Gotta love those rosy cheeks though!

But working in an unheated garage in the cold is another matter, especially with chemicals that require a minimum temperature. Last year I used the most insulated room in my house (a room in the basement) to work on my prototype molds with the heat turned up wearing a rebreather mask breathing pure oxygen — just to be able to work with the casting resin, epoxies, high heat bondo, pourable foams and so forth, without making myself sick with the fumes — as well as keeping the fumes from wafting up into the rest of the house.

But the garage is the only place I have where I can construct a completely flat and level 25 foot long table. And right now, it’s too damned cold.

There is no structure for keeping boats at the lake where our rowing club has moved. It doesn’t matter as I can’t row at that lake anyway because it is too small for me to get my mileage without doing scores of mind-numbing laps. I have relocated my boats. One is in the garage for safe-keeping because I just completely refurbished it and have it up for sale. Therefore the Flyweight (named Hummingbird) has been living on top of my car in the safety of a high arched porte cohere … always at the ready to dash out to the wild remote lake where I do row now if a day should happen along with favorable conditions — but I look a bit odd driving around with a boat on my car since it’s TOO COLD TO ROW. It’s ok. I don’t drive much since I work from home.


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