We're all in the same boat so let's pull together!


An Organized Course of Action to Achieve a Goal

What is up with this web site? It’s all over the place. Is it about Sculling and Rowing really?

Is it about Quantum Physics and Waxing Philosophical?

Is it about Mysterious Medical Devices (ask for the password), Radical New Boat Designs and Building Businesses?

In a world where two sentence emails are too long and you have to be able to state your entire purpose in the time it takes to ascend 10 floors or less in an elevator … tell us succinctly PLEASE … what IS The Global Rowing Club and why do you want us to join it???????


How’s that for summing it up in one word?

What does that mean?

Definition of Campaign: An Organized Course of Action to Achieve a Particular Goal.

The Mission of The Global Rowing Club is a crowd funding campaign to raise seed money for a series of smaller businesses and inventions, and to enlist partners to participate in making a large renewable energy project called The Cosmos Renewable Energy Global Solution a reality.

We are a FOR PROFIT Organization — a Club to provide a hub for bringing people together who have a strong desire to take personal responsibility for helping to heal our planet by being a part of an identifiable community. The money we are asking for you to donate through Joining The Club is not the entire amount needed to achieve the goal of prototyping The Cosmos, but will be used to “prime the pump” for numerous revenue streams to feed into building the gargantuan funds that will be necessary to do the project.

Founder Jenifer Humming is a successful inventor, entrepreneur, visionary and curiously gifted athlete combining all of her accomplishments, abilities, pastimes and inventions with a systematic plan. The “plan” is to not only privately generate the financial resources to build and position Cosmos renewable energy generating platforms all over the world, but to establish a Global Non-Profit Organization to address ecological, economic, health, education, cultural and social issues both universal and unique to every country involved in The Cosmos Global Solution.

We are building a Global team to support our Campaign to make ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD. While there is a lot of content on this site already, it is only the tip of the iceberg.


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