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Jenifer Humming in Quantum Superposition

☆ Jenifer Humming in Quantum Superposition ☆

What are your credentials Jenifer that you propose such a vast plan as The Cosmos Global Solution? Are you an Experienced Engineer? Are you a Brilliant Scientist? Are you a Financial Mogul? Why do you have so much going on at once? Where’s the Focus?

Quantum superposition (Wikipedia definition) is a fundamental principle of quantum mechanics. It holds that a physical system (say, an electron) exists in all its particular, theoretically possible states (or, configuration of its properties) simultaneously; but, when measured, it gives a result corresponding to only one of the possible configurations.

When I say I am in Quantum Superposition, that means I am a “particle of potentiality” in 30 places at once waiting to be observed to snap into one position and begin from there to implement the grand plan to privately generate the Financial Mogul-scale funding to bring together the Experienced Engineers and Brilliant Scientists who’s dreams would be fulfilled to be a part of making a vision of this magnitude a reality on a global scale. There already are Experienced Engineers and Brilliant Scientists who are interested and await the Financial Mogul-scale funding to jump into action.

Where’s the focus? I admit my version of focus is BIG. It’s not as all over the place as it seems. My plan is specific and systematic, but I can only do so much alone. That’s why I founded this organization. Help is already here and more help is on the way to build the momentum needed to implement this grand strategy.

As Henry Ford said under oath during a libel suit trial about his limited education … he didn’t need to be an expert in everything. He had buttons behind his desk he could push at any time to buzz in all of the offices of his team of experts and a dozen experts would show up immediately. I am just spending my time installing those buttons. Let me know if YOU want to be on the receiving end of one of those buttons. It would be the best way to get a buzz.

WARNING: Only watch Sofa Movies if you have a sense of humor and get it that I have one too. It also will help if you grasp irony, are touched by poignancy, appreciate nuance, have an eye for imbedded symbolism and aren’t critical of amateurism.

Enjoy.  🙂



I am a health/wellness/fitness expert and health retreat owner-turned inventor/entrepreneur/visionary. In 1998, I designed and began administering an intense one-on-one fasting/detox retreat — a “gentle boot camp” for basically healthy people who came from all over the country for a week or two stay, with the purpose of learning how to achieve “turbo” health.

In the beginning stages of moving my retreat to a more exotic location in 2004, I was evaluating the suitability of a charming small Bed & Breakfast Hotel in Costa Rica. It was there, while I was pondering how to do all of the treatments involved in the program that I conceived of exactly how to design a device that had been in the back of my mind for years.


At that time communication between Costa Rica and the U. S. was very difficult. I had originally planned to manufacture the device in Costa Rica, but soon learned about the imperative to go through the process to have my device cleared to market through the FDA, even from Costa Rica. So despite the fact I was halfway through declaring residency in Costa Rica, my life turned on a dime and I soon found myself so immersed in the design, prototyping and RED TAPE process that I closed my retreat business to be able to work on the invention full-time. Then something extraordinary happened …


In the Spring of 2006, a comprehensive solution came to me to address the crisis our world is facing. It came all at once, in one night. I didn’t turn on a light. I didn’t write down one note. I knew as it came to me I would never lose a detail. And since, piece after piece has continued to fall into place as if an invisible hand is effortlessly putting together a jigsaw puzzle every time I stop to watch. It is a picture of a beautiful, healthy peaceful, happy planet. (Imagine.)


Along with the vision of this solution came a systematic plan to privately generate the funding to develop it, beginning with my first invention: this new “medical device.” Before that night, I didn’t know what a flow chart was, but suddenly there was a very detailed flow chart in my mind.

In the last four years I have poured over Five Hundred Thousand Dollars of my own money into just the first box of that flow chart while researching and prototyping and to some extent developing all of the boxes in the chart. As I strategized my potential income streams, I compressed the whole picture of each venture into a table and put it in a huge slideshow I made to flesh out my entire plan.

I dove in determined to make my plan to build the private funding work. I privately funded my plan to build the private funding! My first invention was very successful, but since it was a device for which there was no precedent, I was unable to find anyone to help with the design and the patent writing and FDA submission process who knew any more about it that I did. It turns out that despite the fact I had no engineering or legal experience, I was still the only “expert” available. Unfortunately, the learning curve was steep and long and costly in too many ways. As a “serial entrepreneur,” it has been an invaluable learning experience.

I used to only give two bits of advice. Now I give three: buy a Mac, mix with poodle, and don’t invent a medical device for your first invention.

Long story short: I have spent four years swimming around in circles in a sea of sharks, gaining valuable experience and self-confidence knowing I can do anything I set out to do! In many ways these have been the hardest years of my life — but I am the stronger for it.


Meanwhile, my vision of The Cosmos and the entire Global Solution continued to come into focus while I found myself inventing and prototyping many more amazing things for which there is no precedent (if they existed, I would have bougth them instead of making them). I was relaxed about the BIG plan thinking it was a project that would probably take me 20 years to realize.

However, two years ago, I realized the world situation is deteriorating too fast. As I became increasingly aware, it became obvious that the squandering of time and resources is a luxury we as individuals, a nation and a planet can no longer afford.

I therefore made the decision to open myself to accelerating the process with the willingness to join forces — not only with other inventors and visionaries working to find solutions — not only with concerned financial benefactors and investors … but even with the companies and entities widely blamed for causing the crisis. AND even more importantly, to reach out in a “grassroots” campaign to the people who are concerned and want to do something to help, but don’t know where to start.


My purpose for this web site and for setting and pursuing a very unusual goal described below is to draw attention to and promote the development of The Cosmos Global Solution. It is my vision for an off-shore “biomimicry” platform that will generate energy through 6 renewable sources and will separate water into hydrogen and oxygen through rapid electrolysis of sea water. The oxygen will be released at the ocean floor to re-oxygenate the oceans and the hydrogen will be harvested for fuel — in addition to the massive amount of energy each Cosmos will generate to run entire cities.

Go to The Cosmos Global Solution pages to learn more


I am a UNIQUELY gifted athlete — not so much because I am competitive, but because I am infinitely curious! I come from a serious cycling background. I was a hardcore competition mountain biker and then a Century cyclist and I couldn’t tell you how many centuries I have ridden. After many years of sculling merely for cross-training, I have switched completely over to sculling as my main sport. From several years of participating in The Marathon Rowing Championships, I have innovated ways to solve the problems most scullers have that prevent them being able to stay in the boat long enough to develop long-distance endurance. I have been building my mileage for non-stop rowing even to the extent I have had to develop a way to row at night. Read the many stories about my adventures of rowing through the night on a wild uninhabited lake as well as the beautiful smaller lake where our local rowing club is located: Adventure Sculling.

Watch our music video “Sculling for a Blue Angel” that we filmed on October 31st, 2010. It is campy and picturesque.



So here’s my unusual goal: I am going to break the Long-Distance Sculling World Record. I have contacted both US Rowing and The International Rowing Federation to find out what the current record is and who holds it. The only thing Google will give me is 1901: 104 miles in England from Oxford to Putney in just under 14 hours by Spencer Gollan, Tom Sullivan and Geo Towns, in a 35′ treble (three-man) sculler.

For the above reason, I will break the sculling record no matter what it is distance-wise. And I will continue to organize and row events until I break it time-wise too. And then I’ll do events to break my own records and possibly inspire challengers! I am enlisting forward-thinking humanitarians and corporations to partner with me to create this remarkable and elegant platform from which to Internationally promote the development of a beautiful and viable solution to effectively address the crises our world is facing on a Global scale.


My objective is to do a world tour called “Sculling for The Cosmos” or something snappier if I get a better idea … to attract even more sponsors, investors and donations. My plan is to privately generate most of the funding for The Cosmos prototype by attracting partners and investors to back and help manage the many income streams I have in various stages of development including 6 rowing/sports/fitness-related prototypes ready to be put into production.


You don’t have to be a rower to join The Global Rowing Club. We can just be in the “same boat” metaphorically. But it also is a club targeting the ever-growing rowing community to join me in rowing for the ulimate cause: to preserve our home. Where else are we going to row?

You can start making a big difference if you JOIN THE CLUB to become a Member of this support network. It will be a powerful act of intention and a vote of confidence that will help keep me going in more ways than one!

Please link to this site, post it on rowing and renewable energy boards … and send it to everyone you know. Help me get the word out to reach the people who are searching for how they too can make a difference! My approach and my plan WILL WORK if I can get the right people on my team.


If you found this web site, I am letting you know I did show up on this planet and I am doing what I came to do! I am reaching out to find the others like me who are meant to partner with me in making our combined Vast Visions reality — by contributing whatever they can. That means encouraging comments, donation of time and expertise, financial donations (every little bit helps!), sponsorship, endorsement, business-partnering, investment of capital, grant writing, media coverage, referrals to deep pockets who care, generally “joining forces” and even internship to work beside me. Come help and learn at the same time about perfect health, fitness, inventing and making prototypes, rowing, being GREEN, fasting, cleansing, raw food (not 100%) and the best approach to saving the world. Come row with me or invite me to your city to row with you! I have already contacted a number of rowing clubs around the country to suggest we organize and publicize 50 mile fund-raising rowing events to help fund the Record-Breaking World Tour.

If you are as passionate as I am about healing our beautiful planet, have a sense-of-humor and a strong desire to have fun while making ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD then contact me if you would like to make some kind of contribution or have a deeper involvement. 

Jenifer Humming