We're all in the same boat so let's pull together!

GRC Mission

A Club For Citizens Of The World To Pull Together!

The GRC Mission is to heal our planet with The Cosmos Renewable Energy Solution. Please view the slideshow and the video on that page to gain an understanding of how comprehensive the solution is. Then take a peak at the preliminary drawings on the pages listed under The Cosmos menu.

We are a CLUB for citizens of the world to JOIN a Global Grassroots crowdfunding Campaign to activate numerous revenue sources for generating private funding through a systematic plan already in motion. By funneling this income to the development of our beautiful renewable energy vision, we will position Cosmos offshore platforms world-wide. In a Holistic Strategy to address all of the crisis’ our planet is facing, the centerpiece of the Cosmos Global Solution will be a Global Non-Profit Organization to administer resources, education and man-power to bring real solutions for ecological, economic, health, cultural and social issues both universal and unique to every country involved. Take a look at The Flow Chart for a quick overview of the plan.

The Global Rowing Club was established in November 2010 as a creative and fun platform from which to generate interest and a following for enlisting support of a world tour to break the long distance sculling record. The desired outcome is to attract financial supporters, gratis contributions of time and expertise, sponsorship, investors, endorsements and business partners — to achieve the ultimate goal of making The Cosmos Renewable Energy Global Solution a reality.

The purpose of this website/blog is to present Jenifer Humming as an accessible personality (not a remote high-tech corporation) to catalyze a grassroots movement with a wide appeal. It is a site that reflects her personality and informs the visitors about the spectrum of her pursuits and how they all connect and can ultimately lead to setting in motion a Global Strategy to heal our planet. It is an experimental concept that does not comply with current internet and business formulas.

The Global Rowing Club’s plan for privately generating the massive funding that will be required to develop The Cosmos Renewable Energy Global Solution is to innovate products and services that solve problems related to energy, beginning with human energy — leading to renewable energy. Through a combination of evolving technologies, affordability for the end-user and ease of use, The Global Rowing Club will be a cutting-edge developer/supplier of potentially life-saving, life-enhancing, and life-supporting products and services worldwide.

By taking the manufacture and marketing of Jenifer’s already proven FDA listed alternative medical device to the next level, which is a goal we are actively pursuing, we will generate the funding to establish more and more revenue streams by marketing her many other inventions in the area of sports and fitness.

Through receiving donations from citizens of the world who want to support this vision for world healing by “joining the club” and through building relationships with partners, investors, team members and supporters with the same passion and purpose, we will combine existing and evolving technologies in a global strategy to address the crisis our planet is facing, this vision and the dreams of thousands of other talented and brilliant inventors and entrepreneurs will become a reality.

Overarching Strategy

Our intention is to establish mutually beneficial business relationships with people of impeccable integrity who share our vision of creating a better world. Our “dream” team” already has the desire, purpose and experience to use their grounded business acumen to facilitate bringing into form visions of unlimited potential. Clearly we am not looking for just any partners or just anyone’s money. We will form extraordinary alliances with an extraordinary people and companies to do extraordinary things.

Our overarching strategy is to maximize multiple Revenue Streams to fund The Cosmos Renewable Energy Global Solution by:

Procuring a value-added partner/investor, company or country to partner with a successful start-up company by establishing a separate entity (corporation) to maximize the potential of an established alternative medical device with a proven track record that has been a little ahead of it’s time but who’s time has come — in large part, ironically because of the economy and impending health-care reforms.

Procuring value-added partners/investors, companies or countries to bring to market Jenifer’s many other inventions already prototyped and fully tested and help develop inventions yet to be prototyped. In every case there is nothing else like them on the market or Jenifer would have purchased them instead of making (or conceiving of) them.

Procuring value-added partners/investors companies or countries who are passionate about renewable energy and desire to help fund and manage the development of a very large cutting/bleeding-edge multi-source renewable energy off-shore platform, including the filming of the development process.

The information posted on this website is merely a fraction of what is available for serious potential partners to review and consider. If you are interested in knowing more and desire to become involved by volunteering to help promote and run The Global Rowing Club, hosting an event, offering your services, investing, sponsoring, endorsing, fund-raising or partnering with us in one or more of the ventures, then email Jenifer to set up a time to speak on the phone or Skype.

Many of the pages listed under the GRC Mission menu are password protected for viewing only by seriously interested potential partners and Global Rowing Club Members. Join The Club or contact us to request access to these pages.


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