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Revenue Streams

Brief Summation of Multiple Revenue Streams to Generate The Funding For The Development of The Cosmos Global Solution

Already proven FDA listed alternative medical device we are actively in the process of pursuing partnership to be able to take it to the next level of manufacture for mass marketing throughout the world.

Future: Inventions/Manufacture/Sales (short-term):

1. ErgoSwim: fully tested prototype — a mini-mockumentary video and preliminary market accessment is available for viewing and review.

•  stationary swimming system for dogs and humans

•  many recreational, athletic and therapeutic applications

•  very affordable

2. ErgoPump: fully tested prototype Body Pump Group Fitness accessories — narrative information and mini-business plan is available to review for all Les Mills-related proposals (see number 3 and 11.)

•  sales through alliance with Les Mills International in New Zealand

3. ErgoTeach: software prototype

•  quarterly sales of New Release ErgoTeach Instructor Training Tool to Les Mills instructors worldwide

•  ongoing sales of previous 75 releases to Les Mills instructors worldwide

•  development and sales of teaching software for several other Les Mills classes, past and future.

4. ErgoRack: fully tested car-top boat carrier prototype

•  can be installed on any vehicle with a factory roof rack in five to ten minutes.

•  version for cars without factory racks in development.

•  enables boating enthusiasts (sculling, kayaking) to easily load their boat alone and secure it for transport in minutes

•  travel: can be checked in luggage to travel to competitions and events and to install on rented vehicles for rented boats

•  more affordable than any other roof rack on the market

5. ErgoSeat: fully tested prototype

•  specially designed and shaped padded seat utilizing three kinds of foam that makes long-distance rowing/sculling and kayaking comfortable

6. ErgoTunes: fully tested prototype

•  sports hat with built-in earphones, volume control and secure place to put  a small iPod

7. ErgoRow: concept

•  the ONLY rowing machine that trains for strength, balance and proper rowing technique

•  adjustable to geometry of individuals boat

•  lightweight and portable … can be taken to races for use in hotel room for competing sculler to stay in perfect form

8. ErgoSpin: concept

•  virtual reality stationary cycling system

9. ErgoPool: concept

•  renewable energy-powered therapeutic (water treatment) stationary swimming pool

•  smaller, “greener” and more affordable than other stationary swimming pool on the market

10. Radical New Rowing Shell Design

Abilities Yet To Be Monetized:

11. Les Mills “Deva Dare” tours sanctioned and sponsored in affiliation with Les Mills International: (yet to be proposed to Less Mills)

• advanced invitation-only Body Pump Challenge events for various city’s professional and masters athletic clubs

• promotes the efficacy off Body Pump for cross-training for serious athletes and weight-lifters.

12. Writing: several books in process or close to completion

13. Speaking

14. Blogging

Abilities/Services Successfully Monetized in Previous Business:

Spa/Teaching/Training/Health Retreat Programs & Exquisite Raw Organic Food Preparation

15. The Oxygen Den Day Spa

16. Master/Pro Athlete Advantage Training Retreats

17. Health Retreats in Exotic Locations

18. Organic “Raw” Convenience Foods Distribution

Product Ideas:

19. Complementary, proprietary and re-branded products sold through services and retreats

20. GREEN fire logs made from all discarded materials, manufactured locally

Services Ideas:

21. “Green Shift” Consulting Service and Product Installation

22. Organic/raw Fast Food (Franchise)


23. Quantum Purpose Unlimited Global Humanitarian Non-Profit Umbrella Organization

Inventions/Manufacture/Sales (long-term):

24. Ozone Health Technologies and Products

25. ☆ (The BIG Idea) The Cosmos Renewable Energy Global Solution

26. Local alternative fuel manufacture powered by The Cosmos

27. Hydrogen fuel cell production powered by The Cosmos: off-shore or land-based renewable energy

28. Water desalination powered by The Cosmos

29. JavaJet Fuel — Local airport or near airport-based jet fuel manufacturing from local coffee grounds. (Possible franchise) Powered by The Cosmos or land-based renewable energy

More Information Is Available

For many of the above endeavors there is brief to extensive information prepared including information tables, video, slideshow presentations, offline websites, narrative explanations and mini-business plans.

This additional information is available upon request for serious interested potential investors and partners.

I am willing to go anywhere in the world to accomplish the above goals.

Jenifer Humming