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Pro/Elite Athlete Bootcamp

The Pro/Elite Athlete Ultimate Health & Fitness Bed & Boot Camp

Customized Health and Training Programs for Professional and Elite Masters Athletes

The time has come, after many years and numerous requests to reopen my health retreat on a limited basis at first, in a wonderful, FUN new way. This time I will be combining two of my passions: the profound difference an intense cleansing/diet/fitness training program can make in peoples lives and the avid pursuit of sports.

22 years ago I was among the early enthusiasts of the sport of mountain biking — one of the very few woman racers back then. I didn’t race to compete … simply to set personal goals and to be able to ride on trails all over the Southeast that were only open to mountain bikers that one day a year. The hikers didn’t like to share their trails back then so our trail-riding options were limited. I was very fit at the time, but not healthy — however, I didn’t realize it. I didn’t understand then  that fitness and health were not the same thing. I became frustrated by always bumping into a ceiling of performance I could not break through so I took up century cycling and sculling to cross-train. Then I discovered how to cleanse my body of the accumulated toxins that kept me from being my best and was quickly catapulted to a level of health and fitness and easy of recovery I would not have believed was possible if I hadn’t experience it for myself. I became a “mad scientist” experimenting on myself to see how good I could feel and what I was capable of doing athletically and found myself designing and hosting an intense boot-camp health retreat to share my knowledge and facilitate others who also wished to achieve turbo-health and excellence.

A big component of the program was a curriculum to teach people how to maintain a lifestyle of being healthy, clean, and spiritually clear in a toxic world. My clients came to me from all over the country, even internationally. I had the privilege and immense satisfaction of witnessing them transform before my eyes within even just a few days of doing my program … up to two weeks. I helped many people learn to take responsibility for their health to empower them for the rest of their lives.

The short version of this story is: in the process of moving my retreat to Costa Rica, I invented a medical device to be able to offer the main treatment of my program to 10 to 20 people instead of one or two. The invention hijacked my career. I never made the move to Costa Rica and I closed my U.S. retreat in 2005 to work full-time on the design and the red tape of launching my device on the market. Thus began my unforeseen career shift to becoming an inventor and a manufacturer. Next thing … The Cosmos showed up in my head one night and nothing has been the same since.

Like so many other busy career-driven Master’s Athletes, I do not prioritize the time to pursue reaching my full athletic potential. Ironically, once living and teaching a cleansing lifestyle and eating organic high percentage raw food became my work, I was no longer able to devote even a fraction of the time to the training that used to be such a big part of my life and joy. Even so, with a 2-3 hour/week maintenance program of my own design, I have been able to maintain a fitness level of endurance and strength that is anomalous.

I have not offered my retreat to an open clientele since 2005 — only occasionally putting friends and my medical device customers through short programs. Since closing the retreat, I have acquired more equipment and have broadened my knowledge-base. With the addition of so much I have learned and powerful new training techniques and treatments I have discovered and used in my own life, I am developing customized programs for retired Professional athletes and Elite Masters athletes to catapult them off of frustrating plateaus and give them the edge they need to be their best and to win!!

“More is More” No More

The last few years have taught me the valuable lesson that having been an extreme athlete most of my life and throwing my body around like a Raggedy Ann doll … has added up to becoming surprisingly fragile as I age. I used to be so sturdy, but now I get injured just trying to open and close 70 year old windows! What’s the proper form for that? I have spent almost half of the last 2 years injured and in pain from my work, not my sports. (Message: “Change your work.”) I learned that having strong muscles and endless endurance is not enough as we age. We also need JOINTS!!!!

Out of sheer necessity, I aggressively educated myself about how to supplement for healthy, strong and pain-free joints. And I have learned the best pain medication is to keep those joints moving!!!

Now that I’ve been through all of this, a major component of my new program will be to educate active and retired athletes about how to mitigate or even negate and reverse the damage they have done to their bodies in the pursuit of their sports in order to become even stronger and healthier as they age instead of declining.

No other program like it is available that provides a mixture of fasting/deep cleansing, comprehensive detoxification treatments and activities, diet and lifestyle education, cutting-edge Exercise With Oxygen Training (EWOT), ozone treatments, life/spiritual coaching, break-through fitness training, Green consciousness and Global awareness — all in a safe, comfortable and beautiful environment, among people who get you and really care!

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