We're all in the same boat so let's pull together!

Eco Community

Sustainable Urban Mini-Eco Community

Take part in an ADVENTURE of building a sustainable urban mini-eco community. If you are an intrepid soul with a purpose larger than your life at the moment … perhaps this is the springboard you have been hoping  would come to your life. If it resonates with you, don’t second-guess it!

I am offering a beautiful harmonious venue for people of like mind to live and work together to demonstrate how living a green and eventually sustainable lifestyle can be accomplished in an old house within city limits not designed to have a low carbon footprint. The house and grounds with it’s unique amenities and qualities is an ideal place to develop an eco/organic/alternative health/fitness/spiritual business incubator for  participants to monetize in partnership with me and one another.

It is a beautiful, elegant old house in a popular eclectic gentrified old neighborhood in lush and temperate Birmingham, Alabama. The house has 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, has two fireplaces, hardwood floors, 2 claw foot tubs, 4 showers, a huge well-equipped kitchen, two refrigerators, a free-weight gym, a great workshop, and organic garden in progress and much more. The neighborhood is quiet and beautiful and the backyard is adjacent to a park.

Participants living on-site or near-by would video and write about their projects, ideas and simple tips for conserving, as well as tying in the new paradigm/spiritual components of manifesting, positive thinking and that we are all one and need to work together that I have been writing about for so many years on my website … a voice crying in the wilderness.

I looking for entrepreneurial people with impetus and ideas who are enthusiastic about conceiving of and joining in the projects both with good old fashioned hard work, digging in the dirt, online/social media/website/writing/videoing/editing/fundraising, ad infinitum … as well as a proportionate financial contribution. There is unlimited scope for creativity for POSITIVE, motivated, reliable and creative people.

With the right people to run it, the health/fitness retreat could be re-established. If you come with some experience in one or more holistic modalities, I am willing to teach/train. Investigate my background you will discover this is a unique educational opportunity.

I am certified in Living Foods Lifestyle and for many years hosted a weekly Organic Raw Food Supper Club that had a loyal following! I would love to resurrect it at least on a monthly basis. We are in the process of doing a large organic garden expansion which includes a plan to build a 30 foot high pyramid greenhouse this summer.

I want the right people for this endeavor. The “right” people will see this ad and it will grab them. The “right” people will read it carefully and understand this is not a just a cool place to rent to live, but a life/career opportunity. You will further investigate (read the websites) and fully perceive the value and I won’t have to defend a thing … such as how I have priced the rooms. They are different sizes so it seems fair to charge more or less accordingly for single occupancy. I am providing 90% materially … and a vastness of intangible value as my contribution to the foundation. From there, together, we will create a vision that is exponentially greater than the sum of our individual parts. It will then be a springboard to a potential beyond what we can foresee now!

Two bedrooms are furnished ($700 and $800), one partially ($700) and one unfurnished ($500). Each room has it’s own bathroom. What is included? Utilities and wi-fi, access to the unique amenities of a health/fitness retreat, life coaching, intern/apprenticeship in a wide scope of areas of your interest from prototyping inventions in the workshop, living foods lifestyle (sprouting, dehydrating, fermenting etc.), cleansing/detoxification, a unique approach to fitness and diet, personal energy (spiritual) management, global issues … ad infinitum. PLUS, you will have an open venue to express your unique contribution and unlimited creative potential. In short, every goal you have on all levels can be reached and exceeded here. But you have to have the intention and the courage to succeed. My retreat guests paid $500 a day to go through the program to learn to empower themselves . . . so to live here and have access to all of the above for $25 a day is a pretty good deal.

Email and tell me about you and what you feel you have to bring to such a community as this. Please include your FaceBook page, LinkedIn or website. If I get a sense that it could be a fit for both of us and you are serious about pursuing a place in this adventure, we can set up a time to talk.

Take the Tour of the house and also check out the Hummingbird Magnet Tropical Paradise Tiki Hut.

Peace. smiling smiley



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