We're all in the same boat so let's pull together!

Sculling For World Healing

Sculling Record Broken

I love sculling. I’m going to to do it anyway. I am going to row LONG distances every week (in weather that co-operates) anyway. Why not monetize it? Why not promote this great sport, bring lots of people and clubs together and raise money for an equally elegant and outlandish plan to solve some very pressing global issues?

My “Sculling For The Cosmos” strategy is to organize rowing events with rowing clubs all over the country to create a fun and elegant grassroots venue by which to draw attention to, raise funding for and enlist partners to take part in making The Cosmos Renewable Energy Global Solution a reality, while also drawing attention to and building the wonderful sport of rowing!

My ultimate objective is to break the Long-Distance Sculling World Record. According to the information I have, the record was set in 1901: 104 miles in England from Oxford to Putney in just under 14 hours by Spencer Gollan, Tom Sullivan and Geo Towns, in a 35′ treble (three-man) sculler. I am researching to see if there is a more current record for “flat water” rowing.”

As I am already a long-time endurance athlete and a VERY long-distance sculler, I will break the sculling record no matter what it is distance-wise. And I will continue to organize and row events until I break it time-wise too. And then I’ll do events to break my own records and possibly inspire challengers!

I am reaching out to YOU and to forward-thinking Humanitarians, Corporations and Countries to partner with me to create this remarkable and elegant platform from which to Internationally promote the development of a beautiful and viable solution to effectively address the crises our world is facing on a global scale.

An amusing and picturesque video set to meaningful music. Jenifer rowed 30 miles Halloween day to map the perimeter of a new lake with her GPS for mileage — in windy, choppy conditions — and with no skeg! Serious rowers be forewarned: there is splashing on the catch in some scenes. Please consider this artistic license. It looks spectacular in the sunlight. 🙂


I have conceived of a radical new rowing shell hull design for going FAST!  I think setting a world record in a boat of my own design would be brilliant, don’t you? I will show pictures and videos of the building and the testing of the prototype(s). The fun of this is that it could be a major breakthrough in racing shell design … or it could be a really long skinny white elephant. Stay tuned to find out. Take a look at the first cocktail napkin drawing of it on The New Boat page.