We're all in the same boat so let's pull together!

Flower Power

Engineered by Nature – Flowers have Power!

The Cosmos is a biomimicry project, quoting from the The Biomimicry Institute: “emulating natural forms, processes, and ecosystems to create more sustainable and healthier human technologies and designs.”

The Cosmos and the Global Strategy is a TEMPLATE to be filled in by many other inventors, innovators, visionaries and enlightened companies — thereby fulfilling their own dreams!

I have given in-depth presentations many times to accomplished engineers in a variety of fields. Their reactions every time have been jaw-dropping amazement. The concept has grabbed hold of them and has preoccupied their thoughts for days and weeks. There is much more to The Cosmos and the Global Solution than I have so far been able to post on this site. It is what I say in the presentations to explain the more technical details of The Cosmos as well as the far-reaching benefits, that has captured the imagination of the people who have had a glimpse of my plan.

One such engineer’s reaction:

“I knew you had talked about a big idea before, but I had no idea how big, or how realistic an idea you were talking about. It is gigantic in both scope and beauty. I am most fascinated by, and impressed with, the level of detail to which you have taken your conceptualizing. The air pistons, the biomimicry paint, the fold-up sails to compensate for conflicting wave motion on opposite leaves, the technique for addressing hurricane protection. Those all show incredible ability to understand the nature of real-world problems and challenges, and arrive at practical solutions.”

Bruce KoppenhoeferOwner, Renaissance Enterprises

The entire purpose of this website is to recruit the experts, innovators, inventors and companies who already have some of the pieces of The Cosmos puzzle or are looking for a project where ideas they want to innovate would fit.

There are a couple of ways to go here:

I can continue with my original plan to build private funding. Through getting sponsors and raising money to be able carry through with the Long-Distance Sculling Plan, the objective is to attract and form business alliances with investors/manufacturers to monetize in a BIG way my many potential Revenue Streams so I can just hire and PAY experts, innovators and companies as contractors to do pieces of the project.

Or the experts, innovators and companies and Countries who are as passionate and committed as I am to a vast vision to heal the world can come together in synthesis and synergy to magnify all of our powers to make our combined visions become reality. Anyone who enters the circle of this synergy with any contribution of time and effort … and more immediately, helps to form and build it, can expect rewards that go well beyond a paycheck.

Or Both. Please consider joining The Global Rowing Club as an act of support and intention. The synergy of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide coming together in acknowledgment that we ARE all in the same boat and we DO all need to pull together would generate a mind-boggling amount of energy, not only for The Cosmos … but for a better world. Are you familiar with the “10oth Monkey Theory?

It’s all about energy. How do you take one source or several sources to produce the most energy possible? We can find our solutions in Nature. So let’s copy what we know already works.

Next: Solar Energy

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Hydro-Electric Turbines ☆ ☆ Current and Tide Energy ☆ ☆ Geothermal Energy ☆ ☆ Electrolysis of Sea Water

Re-Oxygenating the Oceans ☆ ☆ Desalination of Sea Water ☆ ☆ Alternative Fuels ☆ ☆ Hurricane Protection


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