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Wind Turbines

Placing horizontal “flywheel” type wind turbines in a spiral on the 50 foot platform is a way for multiple turbines to take advantage of the same wind to generate an immense amount of power within a confined space.

The yellow turbines will be made of highly durable light-weight material and will be perfectly balanced to spin in even the lightest breeze. They will be sturdy enough to operate in normal to sub-hurricane weather conditions.

In high wind they will be retracted inside the platform, while the Super Heavy Duty Hurricane Turbine will continue to generate energy in high wind. The entire platform is designed to submerge in hurricane conditions to where only the Hurricane Turbine will remain above the water’s surface.

Pelicans may be problematic.

In all aspects of the design, construction and placement of Cosmos platforms, the impact on the ecology and the wildlife must be considered.

Care will be taken to present no negative impact and only improvement of the condition of the oceans, atmosphere, flora and fauna, near and far.

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